Pearsons Floral Diary

  1. Everlasting Flowers for Chrismas

    Everlasting Flowers for Chrismas

    What a GREAT IDEA for Christmas Gifting - dried, preserved and silk flowers - they are just fabulous!!

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  2. Christmas Gifting & Decorating

    Christmas Gifting & Decorating

    At Pearsons Florist we love Christmas!

    But we also know that it is a busy time. There's people to see, places to be and shopping to do! This year to help you in the present department, we have put together a fabulous range of gifts. Read more...

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  3. Peony LOVE!

    Peony LOVE!

    There are few things more satisfying than reaching that time of the year in Sydney when we know SUMMER is just around the corner. Here at Pearsons Florist, nothing shouts this glorious fact louder than the arrival of the beautiful seasonal PEONY (hello my beauty) … Read more.

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  4. Roselily


    The Roselily is a pollen free variety of Oriental lily with a soft and gentle fragrance. Yes it's pollen FREE - so no more pollen on your clothing after handling them! Intrigued? Read more...

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  5. Native & Wild Flowers

    Native & Wild Flowers

    NATIVE and WILD Flowers really pack a punch with their dynamic textures, rustic colours and versatility. If you need long lasting flowers that make a statement you won't do better than choosing these confident and powerful blooms.

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  6. Delphinium Daydream

    Delphinium Daydream

    Bright blue skies, a sparkling blue ocean, sitting on your powdery blue beach towel, eating bursts of sugary blueberries … there’s just something about the colour blue that imbues calm, well-being and stability. Often associated with depth, healing, health & tranquility; blue is considered a beneficial colour for soothing the mind and the body. Read more...

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  7. Waratahs


    Awaken the wow factor with Waratahs

    Far from the red earth of the north, the red sunsets of the west and the red kangaroos of Australia’s centre, the south-eastern dwellers of this sun blessed country have another crimson claim-to-fame. The striking Waratah flower. (Yes, that does include the NSW Rugby Waratahs – if sport excites you as much as flowers energise us!). Read more... 

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  8. Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

    Phalaenopsis orchids are a beautiful flowering potted plant that we have seen grow enormously in popularity over the last few years. We love their graceful arching stems and clean, crisp colours add the way they add an exotic elegance to any room. It’s no surprise then that many interior designers feature this beautiful plant in so many contemporary room designs. Read more...

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  9. Dad's Special Day - Sunday 6th September 2020

    Dad's Special Day - Sunday 6th September 2020

    Dads. Generous. Reliable. Strong.

    And a little more adventurous than we give them credit for! Read more...

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  10. Chinese Valentine's Day

    Chinese Valentine's Day

    The Qixi Festival also known as the Qiqiao Festival is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. Chinese Valentines Day falls on the seventh day of the 7th month on the Chinese calendar. It is sometimes called the Double Seventh Festival, the Night of Sevens, or the Magpie Festival. Read more...

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